Smile Japan recent report

This is Kazuko. 
Due to our members.. Nanae and Yuki.. has gone back to Japan this summer, we did the final charity & art stall in July. Thank you very much for helping Smile Japan! 


We transferred all the money to the organisation for the Tsunami Orphanage Fund, ippo kizuna no kai through the Yucho bank in Japan. 8270 yen is the amount of selling charity badges in Japan (left). 13,021 yen (left) was the amount we collect through Smile Japan including Kazuko's charity badges (105 pound in total = 120,21 yen), plus 1000 yen at the event at Ooita prefecture. This is the proof that I transferred these money.


We appreciate all the people we have met and share the idea to help people in Tohoku. We hope we will continue our charity activity in London or Japan. 

Smile Japan member,  Kazuko