The 2nd Stall Sales & Donation Report

Thank you very much for all who visited our 2nd stall and who offered us a kind help! Here is the sales and the donation reports.

14th May 2011,
Backyard Market at Brick Lane
Total sales: £ 116.20

As this charity activity is organised by few illustrators with no supportive fund, we would like you to understand us taking the stall rental fee (£35) from the total sales.

Here is the calculation:
Total sales £116.20
− Stall rent £35
Total Donation £81.20

Due to the amount of money, this time we've decided to hold over our remittance until the next stall. I am willing to informing you as soon as we make it. Please keep your eyes on SMILE JAPAN!! Thank you!!



売上金:£ 116.20

SMILE JAPANは、3人のイラストレーターが資金ゼロから始めたチャリティー活動です。グループの運営費として、ストール使用料 (£35) のみを売上金からいただくことどうぞご了承ください。

 売上高 £2116.20
− ストール代 £35
募金額合計 £81.20

これからもSMILE JAPANの活動をどうぞよろしくお願いします!

西村夕貴/Yuki Nishimura