SMILE JAPAN 2nd Market Report: 14th May

Our 2nd charity market stall was on 14th May at The Backyard Market Brick Lane which is same place of the first one. We really appriciate to lots of artists who contributed their art works for us, we could have more cherish market stall on Saturday. And Kasumi Nakazato (illustrator) and Yoshitaka Iwamoto (artist) supported to our stall, we would like to say thank you! for them.

5月14日にSMILE JAPANの第二回目のマーケットストールを開催しました。
場所は第一回目と同じ場所Brick LaneにあるThe Backyard Marketです。

This time, a Japanese photographer Satoru Niwa brought to our market his printed pictures which he took at the several disastrous areas in Japan which suffered from tsunami and the explosion of nuclear power plant. The photos were filed to know the customers what was really going on in those areas. Some of the photos were truly shocking, however, in the end of the file, he put beautiful pictures of cherry blossoms from Shinjuku, Tokyo. It gave us the encouragement and the positive message at the same time.


Recently the weather in London is good but a bit chilly in most of the time. Also Brick Lane was quiet as it was not beautiful sunny and the foot ball match was held.
Despite we could not reach the last sales, we are really pleased many custumers came to our stall and contribute us with extra money.

最近のロンドンは日本の5月の気候と比べ物にならない涼しさ・・・むしろ寒く感じる日々です。昨日は天気も特に晴れることがなくそれに加えてサッカーの試合もあったようで、少し寂しいBrick Laneでした。前回の売り上げに届くことはできなかったものの、多くのお客様からご支援を頂くことができました。SMILE JAPANの活動はまだまだ続きます、応援よろしくお願い致します。

Many thanks!!